Oasys D3PLOT

Oasys D3PLOT

Oasys D3PLOT is a 3D visualisation and interrogation package for post-processing the results of LS-DYNA analyses.
Oasys D3PLOT provides animation, extraction and derivation of over 100 data components, with advanced graphics (including shading, contouring, lighting and transparency). First and foremost however it is an engineering tool which allows users to examine and process any aspect of LS-DYNA analysis results.
With support for multiple models as well as an Oasys T/HIS link window, our post-processor offers unrivalled ease of in-depth analysis, investigation and comparison of many analyses.
Oasys D3PLOT reads the binary results databases written by LS-DYNA, including the d3plot (ptf), ctf and xtf files. In addition, the static ztf file written by Oasys PRIMER can be read to allow visualisation of almost all LS-DYNA entities.

Main features:

  • In-depth access to the LS-DYNA results including over 100 different data components
  • Multiple windows
  • Quick-pick menu for on-screen manipulation of entity display characteristics
  • Oasys T/HIS link for viewing XY and graphical data at the together
  • User defined data components based on either formulas applied to basic LS-DYNA data components or from external files
  • Compare results with test images or movies using the Background Image/Movie function that includes an image/model alignment tools
  • Can output images and movies in a variety of formats
  • Keyboard shortcut keys for most of the common functions
  • Setting files allow predefined views, colour schemes, and layouts to be created and stored
  • Output keyword data (nodal positions, element stresses etc) for use in other models

User Defined Data Components
The User Defined Data Components function allows users to create their own data components.
These can be based on existing LS-DYNA results to which a simple mathematical formula is applied, data read in from an external file or Javascript can be used for more complex calculations.

Background Images and Movies
The Image function in Oasys D3PLOT now allows users to use an existing image or movie clip as the background.
The function includes tools for aligning the viewing angle of the model with the background image/movies and for synching the timing of a model animations with that of a background movie.
The provides an invaluable tool for comparing test and analysis data.
Multiple Windows
By opening multiple windows in Oasys D3PLOT users can view the results from a range of different models simultaneously.