The following files are useful presentations to help users with our latest software. The 14.0 release presentations highlight improvements and new features added since the 13.1 release.

Oasys 14.0 Release

Primer 14.0 New Features

D3Plot 14.0 New Features

T/HIS 14.0 New Feature

Reporter 14.0 New Features

The following are presentations that accompanied previous releases of Oasys software (pre 14.0 full release).

Oasys 13.x Release

Primer 13.x New Features

D3Plot 13.x New Features

T/HIS 13.x New Feature

Reporter 13.x New Features

Oasys 12.x Release

Primer 12.x New Features

D3Plot 12.x New Features

T/HIS 12.x New Feature

Reporter 12.x New Features

Oasys 11.0 Release

Primer 11.0 New Features

D3Plot 11.0 New Features

T/HIS 11.0 New Feature

Reporter 11.0 New Features

Oasys 10.0 Release

Primer 10.0 New Features

D3Plot 10.0 New Features

T/HIS 10.0 New Feature

Reporter 10.0 New Features

Oasys 9.4 Release

Primer 9.4 New Features

D3Plot 9.4 New Features

T/HIS 9.4 New Feature

Reporter 9.4 New Features

Oasys 9.3 Release

Primer 9.3 New Features

D3Plot 9.3 New Features

T/HIS 9.3 New Feature

Reporter 9.3 New Features

Shell 9.3 New Features

Oasys PRIMER 9.3 RC Releases

Primer 9.3 RC2 Features

Primer 9.3 RC1 Features

Oasys D3PLOT 9.3 RC Releases

D3Plot 9.3 RC1 Features

Oasys T/HIS 9.3 RC Releases

T/HIS 9.3 RC1 Features

Oasys 9.2 Release

Oasys 9.2 Overview

Primer 9.2 Guide
D3Plot 9.2 Guide
T/HIS 9.2 Guide

Reporter 9.2 Guide