LS-DYNA Server (Network) Licensing

Server licensing is now available for both UNIX/Linux and PC. The intructions, along with the required net security files, are available to download below.

The current version of net security is 77918.

Download the LS-DYNA software LS-DYNA software download page
Network license installation manual LSTC_LicenseManager-InstallationGuide.pdf
Release notes RELEASE_NOTES.txt


Platform File Name
Windows 32 and 64 bit
HP/PA8000 HPUX 11.0 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_hp8000_11.tgz
HP/Itanium2 HPUX 11.0 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ia64_hp11.tgz
IBM/Power4 AIX 5.2 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ibmpwr4_aix52.tgz
IBM/Power5 AIX 5.3 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ibmpwr5_aix53.tgz
SUNOS 5.8~5.9 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_sun_58.tgz
General Linux LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ia32_redhat30.tgz
AMD Operton RedHat Linux AS4.0 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_amd64_redhat40.tgz
Intel 64 bit RedHat 5.0 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_xeon64_redhat50.tgz
Intel 64 bit SuSE 11 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_xeon64_suse11.tgz
Intel 64 bit SuSE 11.4 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_xeon64_suse114.tgz
Intel 64 bit SuSE 12 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_xeon64_suse12.tgz
Intel/Itanium2 SuSE 9 LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ia64_suse9.tgz
SGI LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_sgi_irix64.tgz