DefinIT Pricing

DefinIT allows you to print to draft at any time. These prints are watermarked as draft and non-admissible. Once a project gets the go ahead and contract documentation is to be drawn up, licensed copies of the scopes of services need to be printed, and this attracts a charge for each contract between the client and a participant (whether undertaking one role or more than one).  Subsequent edits and reprints of the contract for the same participant can be made free of charge.  When printing for contract use, details about the project etc., are recorded and your organisation will be invoiced by Oasys at regular intervals.

To keep the cost of the software low, Oasys recover the residue through a “Software and support” charge which is added to each contract.

The current charges per contract are:

  • £50 validation
  • £100 Software and Support

DefinIT Contract Meeting