MassMotion Change Log

Version 9.0.17 - 13th June 2017

- SDK: Added ability to query an agent's previous waypoint.

- SDK: Added ability to control simulation start time and duration.


Version 9.0.16

- Fixed incorrectly built installers (unique to 9.0.15).

Version 9.0.15

- SDK: Fixed bug where databases were incorrectly tagged as incomplete.

- SDK: Added ConnectionObject::IsGated() function.

- SDK: Added ability to wait for duration/until time.

- SDK: Added ability to seek a set of portals.

- SDK: Added ability to control simulation run random seed and number of threads.


Version 9.0.14

- Fixed bug where using large, complex custom avatars could potentially cause a crash.

- Fixed bug in paths where agents could teleport from one end to the other depending on path orientation.

- Fixed bug where agents finishing a wait task on a path would teleport back to start of path.

- Renamed 'panic' force to more descriptive 'correction' force.

Version 9.0.13

- Fixed undo/redo not correctly updating enabledness of process chain buttons.

- Added a prompt when overwriting files with movie export.

- Fixed check updates not using the correct version number.

Version 9.0.12

- Fixed bug where floor with obstacles on all edges would not get initialized properly

- Fixed bug where available floor area was slightly less than it should be (particularly noticeable on thin floors)

Version 9.0.11

- Improved agents' awareness of available space when transitioning between adjacent (or nearly adjacent) floors

12th April 2017 | Version 9.0


- Fixed bug where number of runs in a multi-run simulation and custom random seed could not be edited.

- Fixed bug which allowed spaces in prefix names on import.



- Minor spelling corrections in the UI.

- Updates to the user guide.

- Fixed bug in storing of custom 'generate' options for non-floor targets.

- Fixed bug preventing selection of agents with non-default radius in debug simulation.

- Added check to installer to fail and notify user when Windows Media Feature Pack not installed.

- Fixed resizing of some UI elements to provide better support for different screen resolutions (especially high DPI).

- Fixed use of weighted profile collection in trip matrix event (resulting distribution did not match specified weights).



- Fixed bug preventing input of vehicle alighting counts when set to random.



- Fixed crash when camera rotation attempted while another application had keyboard focus.



- Added option in vehicle event to use periodic arrivals with a lookup table of alighting/through populations.

- Split existing Origin/Destination query into 'Area O/D Count' and 'Simulation O/D Count' queries.

- Added 'Simulation O/D Time' query and 'Simulation O/D Social Cost' query.

- Added ability to specify portals to be used in O/D queries.

- Added additional entries to clarify meaning of the 'Time Range' setting in O/D queries.

- Added display of angle between two selected drawing lines to main window status bar.

- Tweaked speed density relationship to improve flow rates on links and stairs.

- Added automatic padding width of 0.075 to escalators generated from drawings or reference geometry.

- Fixed bug where changes to the 'Event State' trigger activity were not saved.

- Add ability to export trip matrix OD data to a csv file ('File' menu of property window).

- Fixed bug where floor/zone-based O/D matrix tables could return zero values if run on a just-finished simulation



- Fixed bug preventing graphics from being shown in MassMotionConsole.exe runs.



- Improved action graph output for Repeat/Until and Do/Until actions.

- Fixed bug preventing .mmxsi project files from opening (regression from 8.5).

- Fixed crash when server target set to 'end of server queue' and part of the server was covered by a barrier.

- Fixed bug with 'end of server queue' servers where agents could join wrong part of server line.

- Added right-click context menu for 'Trace' mode.

- Changed server contact time to support fractional seconds.

- Added 'Keyboard Controls...' entry to help menu.

- Improved the flow rates across links (links less than 1.5m wide now have flow rates much closer to Fruin values).

- Changed the default escalator width from 1.0m to 1.15m to account for space between rails.

- Changed the default escalator speed from 0.8m/s to 0.65m/s.

- Fixed crash on application close after viewing the graph of an action or test.

- Fixed bug where components in different selection modes would affect displayed position.

- Fixed bug where setting component positions could corrupt selection of object.



- Fixed bug where in progress edits were not saved when property window closed.

- Fixed being unable to import certain formats of jpg.

- Fixed bug where standard servers from 8.5 projects were incorrectly imported as virtual.

- Fixed bug where timetable schedule lines that started before simulation start were ignored.

- Generated cordons and volumes are automatically lowered 0.1m.

- Fixed bug where default timetable folder was not aligned with project working folder.

- Changed position widget to change vertex positions even when in face or edge mode.

- Changed position widget to respect custom manipulator orientation.

- Fixed bug in 'Simplify' when applied to malformed geometry.



- Fixed false positive validation error for empty table data in Trip Matrix event.

- Fixed bug where 0.2m obstacle padding was not applied to approach maps.

- Only show 'Edit Process' when at least one server is in the scene.

- Made behaviour of 'Mode' and 'Selection Mode' hotkeys consistent (don't toggle).

- Hitting 'I' or 'M' while in Trace or Measure just resets points.

- Leave drawings selected when exiting from 'Edit Drawing' or 'Find Region' modes.

- Fixed bug where generating from 'Trace' didn't use customized Generate options.

- Files added to 'Open Recent' list after being saved (as well as opened).

- Transform 'Centre' and 'Reset' buttons focus on members after use.

- Added missing menu option to export 'On Release' action from server properties.

- Added display of 'anchored' manipulator axes to top right of scene.

- Removed gate event 'Whenever' active type from Flow (only supported in MassMotion).



- Fixed drawing of bounding circle during 'Trace' mode.

- Removed empty 'Physical' group from Path property window.

- Fixed bug in 'Do Until' action where aborted tasks were not cleaned up properly.

- Fixed crash when filling regions with more than 3 drawings.



- Changed region colouring from grey to green to improve visibility.

- Darken drawing layer colours on import to improve constrast with selection.

- Added 'Trace' mode for generating objects from temporary sketches (available in right hand tool panel).

- Added 'Visual' as target type to creation widget on right hand tool panel.

- Fixed bug during authoring where displayed obstacle or approach maps included disabled barriers (simulation not effected).



- Improved mesh 'fill' command for edges/vertices.

- Focus 3d view on newly imported geometry immediately after import.

- Added size prompts when creating new circle/square/ellipse in drawings.

- Fixed crash when executing a 'Do Until' action when no task given.

- Added 'Open Recent' entry to main window 'File' menu.



- Renamed 'Knife' operation to 'Slice'.

- Fixed bug in 'tab' and 'enter' behaviour when editing tables.

- Fixed bug in vehicle event not opening gate when using access test but no capacity limit.

- Renamed 'Region' object to 'Volume'

- Combined position and transform edit widgets into single widget in right panel.

- Added button to create Transform Group to the scene tab.

- Enabled Fill meshes to work on 'internal' edges.

- Added bottom and top bounding box geometry conversion mode.



- Added new buttons in the right hand tool panel for generating objects from reference geometry and drawings.

- Added a 'Generate Options' dialog for customizing how source geometry is used to generate objects.

- Changed the organization of right-click context menus for objects, faces, edges, regions, and drawing lines.

- Added time lapse feature for movie/image frame export.

- Added snap for measure, knife and draw line tools.


Version 8.9.22

- Fixed bug in ordering of agent observer route objects (regression from 8.9.21).

- Fixed bug where agents exiting at a portal could be reported as having exited while in transit.

- Fixed bug with entering manual weights for seek portal and seek process chain actions.

- Added option to hide empty rows/columns in OD table query.

- Fixed time based map overlays to show time in HH:MM:SS instead of seconds.

- Improved resizing of movie/image export window to ensure camera view does not change.

- Fixed bug in calculation of drawing regions.

- Added support for 'Extend and Fuse' when multiple drawings selected.

- Added support for manipulating lines when multiple drawings selected.

- Changed language of context menus to use 'Generate' instead of 'Convert'

- Changed 'Convert' context menus to copy geometry rather than transform it when converting between types.

- Added support for layer colours when importing 2d content.

- Added a hotkey 'U' for drawing layer extend and fuse.

- Added option to drive vehicle event arrivals from a schedule.

- Added ability to specify and show 'through passengers' in vehicle event.

- Added 'pre-arrival' time for alighting passengers (was hard coded to 10 seconds).

- Changed alighting passengers to arrive instantly instead of over 5 seconds.

- Added vehicle event gate access controls for alighters and boarders.


Version 8.9.21

- Fixed bug in creation/drawing of analysis maps (regression from 8.9.20)

- Fixed two more regressions in analysis maps (especially static cost/distance).

- Fixed bug preventing selection of some agents during playback (regression from 8.9.20).

- Added 'server' table to agent observer window to show list of used servers.

- Updated user guide to include new 9.0 content (more to come).

- Added 'Simplify' command for removing unnecessary points in drawings.

- Improved auto stair creation algorithm.

- Split connection object buttons from other object buttons in MainWindow's 'Scene' tab.

- Changed avatar property window to automatically show avatar geometry on open.

- Reorganized 'Find' object context menu to improve clarity of function.

- Fixed bugs that would prevent gate/server state, population count, and in area tests from working when used in an action applied through a broadcast event that is targeting a zone.

- Fixed bug where 'follow sign' action using ordered lists wouldn't work when applied to a zone through a broadcast event when agents enter zone while event was active.

- Added context menu support to object choosers in action/test/trigger properties.

- Changed drawing selection to show only one combined outline when multiple drawings selected.


Version 8.9.20

- Added support for importing 'dgn' files.

- Added support for profile collections in timetable schedule files.

- Added ability to 'lock' reference geometry and drawing layers to prevent editing.

- Fixed bug in cyclic gate and server events that resulted in incorrect timings.

- Fixed behaviour of object and manipulator snap for servers and paths.

- Renamed 'Convert to' to 'Create' for component context menus.

- 'Create' from selected faces no longer deletes the source faces.

- Added 'Extract' command to object face and drawing line context menu for moving elements into a new object.

- Renamed 'Execute Action' event to 'Broadcast'.

- Renamed 'Agent Action', 'Agent Test', and 'Reference Time' to 'Action', 'Test', and 'Time'.

- Improved editing in agent demand and trip OD tables.

- Added better feedback for which plane is currently a snap target during snapping.


Version 8.9.19

- Separated server capacity test/trigger from server population tests/triggers.

- Added Trip Matrix event for generating agents from an origin/destination matrix.

- Added 'Schedule' option for entering scheduled times in gate, action, and server events.

- Changed behaviour of new object snap manipulator to provide better feedback.


Version 8.9.18

- Added 'Snap' mode when transforming objects (hotkey Z)

- Added ability to change orientation/location of manipulator relative to object (hotkey B)

- Added import of images as textured rectangles.

- Added collection support in Timetables (location/portal, gate, token).

- Renamed Traversal Type options for floors, stairs, ramps, links to be more descriptive ('Virtual' is not 'Teleport').

- Added Server capacity type 'Fixed Geometry' to specify capacity based on line length and agent spacing.

- Added Server 'Target' and 'Traversal' properties for controlling how agents approach servers.

- Changed default movement constraint on servers to be 'unconstrained' (speed does not change with density).

- Fixed bug in tracing of costs for "long way around" alternate routes.

- Added new trigger and test for available server capacity.

- Added geometry import options to control filtering, grouping, and naming of new objects.



- Added custom mouse cursors for measure, knife, and drawing line modes.

- Fixed bug in transition count trigger.

- Added tooltips to actions, tests, and triggers.

- Fixed display of server and process port selection.

- Fixed bug when converting generic objects to stairs/escalators (used entire object rather than top surfaces).

- Changed installer to include version number in application name.


Version 8.9.16

- Added support for 2D geometry import and editing.

- Added support for SketchUp file import.

- Changed 'Inside zone' test to 'In area' and added support for regions and other object types.

- Added visual indicators for server access and hold status (similar to gates)

- Added 'Observe' option (right-click) for events to see when they were active during a simulation run.

- Changed Fruin speed/density relationship to give flow rates closer to Fruin guidelines for links and stairs.

- Changed default escalator width from 1.0m to 1.25m to better reflect useable space on standard escalators.

- Changed default escalator speed from 0.8m/s to 0.75m/s to reflect LU standards.

- Increased frequency at which agents re-evaluate route choice from every 2s to every frame.

- Changed how density around agent is calculated to be more accurate.

- Agents now adjust speed based on density ahead of them rather than all around them.

- Added 'Select' right-click menu for selecting different components of an object.

- Renamed ReferenceModel to Transform

- Transform collections can now contain any scene object

- Added 'Reset' and 'Freeze' buttons to Transform properties.

- Deprecated effective width property in links (width now always calculated from geometry).

- Added rise angle property to stairs, ramps, and escalators (to override geometry default).

- Added 'list separator' to application preferences for customizing field separation character in csv files.

- Added undo stack size to application preferences.

- Added '-query' command line arg for automatically running/exporting a query after a simulation completes.

- Added 'Merge' to object context menu for merging objects of the same type.

- Added 'capacity' tab to vehicle event to control boarding access by capacity.

- Changed vehicle event to be 'live' when vehicle is dwelling and not when agents are begin created.

- Added automatic tabbing to last selected when opening new object properties window.

- Added recall of previous property window size (useful for large actions).

- Added autosave configurable through application preferences (defaults to 10min intervals).

- Added support for translating process chain connection points in process port mode.

- Changed behaviour of 'Esc' when editing object properties to revert current change instead of committing and closing window.

- Consolidated all import/export operations into two buttons on 'project' tab of ribbon

- Moved 'Image/Movie Export', 'Position Export', and 'Alembic Export' buttons to 'project' tab of ribbon.

- Added 'Gate state' and 'Server state' triggers and agent tests.

- Added access/hold state duration to server summary query.


Version 8.9.11

- Gates can default to open as well as closed

- Gate events target agents using a generic test rather than just by token

- Gate events can open gates as well as close them.

- Gate events can open or close one direction independent of the other.

- New 'Do Until' action has agents executing a task until a condition is met.

- New 'Task Apply Action' action defers action until corresponding task is executed.

- New 'Population count' test queries the number of people on a floor or in a region.

- New 'Server count' test queries the number of people queuing or approaching and queuing at one or more servers.

- New 'Event live' test queries whether or not one or more events are currently active.

- Server access and contact times now defined by agent test rather than simple tokens.

- Added virtual servers for instant traversal.

- Added ability to join servers at start of queue rather than start of line.

- Added server action 'on release' applied as agents exit server.

- Added server 'When done' property for default behaviour of holding vs releasing processed agents

- Added server 'Default state' property

- Added ServerEvent for controlling access to servers or holding agents at a server after processing.

- Added additional server dispatch types: largest available capacity, smallest distance, smallest cost

- Added new Trigger system for controlling events based on dynamic conditions in the scene.






Version 8.5.11 (released 17th February 2017)

- Fixed bug where floor/zone-based O/D matrix tables could return zero values if run on a just-finished simulation
- Fixed bug during authoring where displayed obstacle or approach maps included disabled barriers (simulation not effected).

Version 8.5.10

- Fixed bug where agents exiting at a portal could be reported as having exited while in transit.
- Fixed bug with entering manual weights for seek portal action.
- Fixed crash if graph query bin values were set to 0.
- Fixed bug in refreshing of enable/disable status of vehicle event alighting properties.
- Fixed bug where 'Follow sign' action applied through 'Execute Action' event targeting a zone would not work for agents entering the zone while the event was active.

Version 8.5.8

- Added movement standard property to servers and paths to increase flow rate onto line.
- Fixed inconsistency in route tree construction which could lead to different route cost values from one run to the next.

Version 8.5.7

- Fixed bug where imported region density graphs with missing regions would cause a crash.


- Fixed bug where self-overlapping triangles could cause 'Simplify Geometry' to produce incorrect results.

Version 8.5.6

- Improved error messages when graph query objects fail to validate.
- Custom agent avatars can now be displayed alongside animated avatars.
- Fixed bug in route costing of banked stairs/escalators immediately outside zone when evacuating a zone.

Version 8.5.5

- Fixed bug where manipulator would deactivate after rotating the camera or right clicking on the scene.
- Disable left mouse button drag/drop from 3D scene when CTRL or SHIFT are down.
- Fixed text in histogram image meta data.

Version 8.5.4

- Fixed bug where region density graphs would produce incorrect results if bar or stepped curve output was selected.
- Added check to prevent opening project files saved using a newer version.
- Added better error handling for writing of alembic files.

Version 8.5.3

- Increased size of 'error' icon in object properties window to be more visible.
- Fixed incorrect validation errors for 'Follow Sign' actions that used portals.
- Added x20 playback speed button in main window and movie export.
- Fixed bug (regression) preventing decimal time entries like 2.5m (shorthand for 00:02:30).
- Fixed bug (regression) in camera movement during knife and other scene operations.
- Added support for display of curve lengths to main window status bar.
- Reduced size of images exported from graph queries.
- Added hotkeys 1, 2, 3 for toggling axis during translate/rotate/scale.
- Fixed bug which could prevent the application from closing while setting the position of object vertices.
- Fixed bug where user would be incorrectly prompted to overwrite .when choosing a database file for a simulation run.
- Fixed bug in status indicator for event destination properties.
- Fixed bug where some dxf files would not import.
- Enabled horizontal scrollbars for property inspector windows.
- Changed timetable data view to automatically resize columns to fit contents when shown.
- Fix crash that could occur when opening project with unconnected dispatches active.

Version 8.5 (Released 21st September 2016)

Key additions

- Added new camera modes for tracking/following agent movement during playback (right-click on agent)
- Custom agent avatars can now be displayed alongside animated avatars
- Added obstacle map decorations for floors and approach map decorations for portals and connection objects in modelling environment
- Added ability to set edge length through new 'L' field of position editor in top right of main window
- Added hotkeys 1, 2, 3 for toggling axis during translate/rotate/scale
- Improved seek portal action to support distribution based assignment of portals
- Improved seek process chain action to support multiple process chains
- Renamed 'goto waypoint' action to 'follow sign'
- Improved evacuation event to support distribution based assignment of exits

Version 8.0.9 (Released 22nd October 2015)

- Fixed crash when viewing graph for reference action that pointed to a list action.
- Fixed crash when attempting to export dispatch geometry to file.

Version 8.0.8 (Released 1st October 2015)

- Fixed crash when viewing graph of actions with agent age test.
- Fixed bug where agent demand table could have negative duration values.
- Fixed bug where servers with multiple contact times per token would not match against agent tokens in order
- Fixed bug where "Created by" agent test wouldn't work with collections of events.
- Fixed bug where MassMotionConsole.exe would execute slowly for small projects.
- Fixed bug where deleting a SimulationRun while inspecting properties for the same object would cause a crash.

Version 8.0.6 (Released 28th August 2015)

- Fixed bug where deleting an event did not update actions or tests that referenced the event time.
- Fixed crash when importing ifc files that contained objects with large numbers of vertices.

Version 8.0.5 (Released 18th August 2015)

- Added inline viewing of action diagrams in object properties window
- Fixed bug where vehicle event did not create boarding agents when using evenly spaced demand type
- Fixed bug where converting workbench schedule with constant distribution produced incorrect demand type.
- Fixed bug where events with table based demand did not ignore negative agent count values.
- Fixed tab key ordering in some widgets
- Fixed bug where 'Has Tokens' test didn't save changes to 'All', 'Any', 'None' setting.
- Fixed crash when observing agents that had an action applied by entering or exiting a zone
- Fixed false validation error for zones which explicitly specified a stair, link, ramp, or escalator.
- Fixed regression in 8.0.4 where portal weights could not be manually edited in events.
- Fixed bug in reading of timetable colours where cyan and alternate gray spellings were case-sensitive.
- Fixed bug which resulted in crash when opening project with simulation run errors.
- Fixed bug in validation of referenced time ranges.
- Added camera rotation snapping (hold shift to snap to the nearest 15 degree rotation)

Version 8.0.4 (Released 3rd August 2015)

- Added orthogonal 'Side' camera viewpoint (can be rotated horizontally)
- Added application preferences (from 'Edit' menu) for default movie export settings
- Added support for virtual paths
- Added ability to rename objects directly from the main window using F2
- Added opacity parameter to agent path map and modified its behaviour to take agent colour from the source simulation run
- Added dynamic path map for showing agent 'trails'
- Added speed ratio graph for showing counts of agents with different actual/desired speed ratios
- Added support for importing reference geometry as ramps (including auto-detection of IfcRamp objects)
- Added ability to create normalized graphs (stacked bars or areas that sum to 100% instead of an absolute value).
- Fixed saved views for orthogonal viewpoints (eg. topdown, front, etc.)
- Fixed agents losing their way when seeking servers on a virtual floor
- Fixed audit false positives in objects with disabled properties
- Fixed issue with playback agents not hiding when on hidden floors
- Fixed inconsistencies in how multi run simulation run names were generated
- Fixed resize behaviour of object choosers when widget resizes
- Fixed false positive issue raised when DefaultProfile deleted
- Fixed false positive error/warning in simulation console when overwriting old database file
- Fixed issue where importing from an old IFC file or one with invalid geometry could cause a crash
- Fixed issue where some types of agent filters did not work with agent density graphs
- Fixed issue where server population graphs could not be toggled between combined series/series per server
- Improved options for circulation end conditions
- Changed Simplify Process Chain command to remove all connected redundant dispatches (previously only removed selected)
- Improved behaviour of mesh simplification
- Improved performance when closing projects with thousands of objects.
- Improved visibility of measuring tool points.

Version 8.0 (Released 25th June 2015)

- Added authoring of servers and process chains
- Added authoring of actions
- Added authoring of timetables
- Added authoring of action event
- Added authoring of agent avatars
- Added birth actions to journey, circulate, vehicle, and evacuate events
- Added birth action to profile
- Added agent action tests 'Entered At' and 'Initial Goal'
- Added ability to migrate SI workbench schedules and evacuation events to editable MassMotion objects
- Added actions field in agent observer window for viewing agent action history
- Added ability to specify weighted collection of profiles in events
- Added 'Instant' event demand type for creation of agents all in a single frame
- Added 'Table of intervals' event demand type for complex arrival patterns
- Added 'Color Scheme' option for colouring agents in events by entrance/exit
- Added ability to specify dwell times per portal in circulate events
- Added alembic export for rendering of simulation playback in other applications
- Added new 'Has end state' agent filter for isolating error agents during playback/analysis
- Added colour legends as overlay when displaying an analysis map
- Added new region density analysis graph
- Added improved editing of agent filters through copy/paste and drag/drop
- Changed simulation run objects to point to database file rather than results folder
- Improved 'Find' object context menus to provide more information
- Fixed bug where vehicle arrivals within 10 seconds of simulation start would not produce alighting agents for that arrival.

Version (Released 28th April 2015)

- Fixed bug which could cause a crash when starting a simulation if a goal line extended outside of a floor
- Fixed bug which did not allow most types of agent filters to be used for CSV position table export
- Fixed bug where selecting controlled flow rate per metre used the absolute flow rate value as the flow rate per metre value
- Added extra diagnostic output to aid in debugging graphics issues

Version 7.0 (Released 19 February 2015)

- Fixed bug where random seed was not respected; affected multi-run simulations or runs with custom seeds (issue MM-949)
- Added ability to simplify mesh geometry
- Added ability to snap to discrete increments when translating/rotating
- Improved graphics performance for large scenes
- Fixed bug where agent filter was not applied to agent density graph
- Added ability to 'undo' project merge or object import
- Improvements to simulation run agent filter interface
- Fixed bug in importing of reference geometry with transforms in scene hierarchy
- Added ability to toggle drawing of object edges in view
- Added 'weights' to circulation portals in circulate event
- Added ability to show graphics when running simulations from a command prompt
- Added menu for importing legacy analysis xml created using MassMotion 6.
- New vision map query
- Import textured reference geometry
- Improvements to articulated agent motion
- Minor bug fixes and user interface enhancements
- Added geometry 'knife' tool for cutting objects
- Fixed bug in exporting a new Workbench authored scene with servers
- 'Find Users' now includes users that reference an object through a collection
- Added ability to show legend in graph queries
- Improved object validation
- New authoring environment for creating and editing scene objects, events, and collections
- Articulated agents during playback
- Improved batch editing of object properties
- Support saved/bookmarked camera views

Version (Released 3 October 2014)
- Now includes Visual Studio 2012 redistributable 

- Improved distance calculations for surface maps on large floors
- Improved rate calculations for controlled flow.
- New 'Delay Distribution Exiting' property for links, stairs, ramps, and escalators.
- Reduced agent jittering when agent delayed at a link.
- Movie capture settings persist after the movie export window has been closed.
- Added a new 'Very High' movie quality setting. 

- Introduction of new Qt based UI for MassMotion Application
- Introduction of new SQLite based data recording
- Improved playback speeds and controls
- Powerful new filter and trip based analysis tools
- Create and export analysis maps, graphs, tables, and histograms
- Create images and movies directly from MassMotion 3D views
- New Timetable based agent and event scheduling
- Video capture directly from within MassMotion application
- Fixed bug (8653) Waiting agents given an EvacuateZone task when not in zone are deleted 

- Fixed bug (7734) where the gate symbols for path actors were not displayed correctly for bidirecitonal paths.
- Fixed bug (7735) in priority flow for gates selectively opened by token.

- Major structural changes and too many bug fixes to mention.
- Added support for Priority Flow property on links, ramps, stairs, and paths.
- Paths can now be bidirectional.
- Added a new 'Wait Until Time' action.
- Bug fixes for IFC importing.
- Changes to the costing of the vertical components of routes (agents now factor in their own speed when costing stairs/escalators).
- Automatically rebuild actors when they fail validation due to unwanted transforms.
- Improved tools for importing/exporting agents schedules.
- New Geometry tools for creating simplified stair, ramp, and escalator geometry from complex geometry.

- Fixed bug (7657) where evacuation events did not interrupt agents in a process chain.
- Fixed bug (7658) to make 'avatar type by entrance' the default in an agent schedule (to avoid creating agents with undefined avatars).
- Fixed bug (7662) where agent would ignore backtrack cost for floor on which a new 'seek' action was applied.

- Fixed bug which triggered false-positive warnings during validation for server in-ports that were part of a group (warning removed).
- Fixed bug (7652) where portions of the simulation were not using all available cores on machines with less than 8 cores.
- Fixed bug (7653) where multiple runs with the same seed produced different results when using controlled flow links.

- Fixed bug (7588) where JourneyTimesByFloor.csv was corrupt when agent schedule did not specify an agent avatar.
- Fixed bug (7591) where agents given a new taks while on a path would freeze or teleport to the start of the curve.

- Fixed bugs (7501 7502) where multiple runs with the same seed produced different results on machines with 8 or more cores.
- Added IFC import option to either specify IFC file units or auto-detect based on IFC metadata.

- Fixed bug (7451) where portals not configured as exits were still generating route tree information.
- Fixed bug (7450) where duplicates of DefaultProfile were also marked as defaults and couldn't be deleted.

- Fixed crashes when drawing certain action graph relationships.
- Fixed bug in display of token 'users' and action 'users' (was showing incorrect users).

- Added ability to display debug information about actions as they are applied to an agent.
- Fixed bug where 'random' assign type for server groups was executing as 'smallest queue'.
- Added ability to enable/disable actions.
- Fixed bug where agents were sometimes not aware of neighbours on the other side of a goal line (link edge).

- Fixed bug which caused crash when opening projects older than 2.1.95
- Added support for importing IFC escalator types.
- Fixed bug in improper handling of some vertex normals for objects imported from IFC.
- Added initial support for generating graph based drawings of action relationships.

- Added 'Action Log' for displaying a record of the application of an action on an agent.
- Changed the simulator 'Open Project' dialog around to have 'Debug' and 'Graphics' tabs.
- Added 'Flow Limit' entry to simulator display of link, stair, ramp, escalator properties.
- Added 'Automatically Start When Open' option to Open Project dialog in Simulator.
- Fixed bug in validation of process chain port groups.

- Fixed bug in the referencing of auto generated agent schedules.- Added 'Expected Agent Count' property to selected schedule in simulator.

- Added 'Agent Spacing' property to path and server actors to control separation between agents
- Fixed bug where density of extermely large link queues could sometimes exceed theoretical max of 5.5 ppl/(m*m).
- Fixed bug where population count was not displayed correctly during a Workbench playback.
- Added 'Show Measuring Tool' entry to Workbench Mass_Motion menu.
- Added extra 'Add' button to List Group Actions to allow new entries to be inserted at the beginning of the group.

- Fixed bug which caused a crash when the queue size of a single link exceeded a certain count (>10k)
- Added 'Reset Default Avatars' entry to Workbench Mass_Motion menu.
- Added Workbench validation of server actors and process chain connections to ensure proper construction before export.

- Fixed bug where Workbench was not displayed on Softimage startup.- Added 'Show Workbench' entry to Workbench Mass_Motion menu (will ensure Workbench is displayed).