Pure tensegrity pavilion for Vision London

Visitors to Vision London, an event focussing on future of the built environment, will have been fascinated by the central pavilion designed by engineers at Structuremode. The design uses a pure tensegrity (floating compression) system to suspend a fabric roof.

Rendered image

The 7m diameter pavilion with its 4m high roof is a taster of what Structuremode founder Geoff Morrow sees as an almost infinitely scalable solution. He is investigating the potential for sports stadia of the future, where a lightweight tensegrity torus might replace heavier materials. The potential for savings in materials, not to mention freedom of artistic expression, are intriguing.

GSA is emerging as the software of choice for engineering light weight structures and Structuremode’s design for Vision London was developed using GSA Suite. Its fast and advanced form finding engine for initial geometric optimisation works seamlessly with its static non-linear analysis to test performance and shape retention of fabric under stress and its own weight.

StructureMode test build