Mail Manager NCR

FIXE = Fixed in this release
INVA = Invalid, by design, caused by other factors, etc.
DUPL = Duplicate of another fault
WONT = Issue addressed by other developments

4878 FIXE Body text being stripped from the filed message.
5348 FIXE Search: Date slider does not react quickly enough
5873 FIXE Search: The cursor sometimes changes to a "column move" c...
5932 FIXE Messages being filed to random locations
6107 FIXE FilingDialog: Attachments Page: Att paths to be refreshed...
6137 FIXE AdminPreferences: Error <File> does not exist on "save as...
6181 FIXE Search: Inconsistent result (Folder ends with \)
6182 FIXE Search: Race condition in UI
6193 FIXE Search: Deleted sub-folder info still visible
6243 FIXE Search: Emails not indexed if attachment property is invalid
6301 FIXE Search: Default field query on attachments doesn't work
6373 FIXE Search: Folder hierarchy deleted from index
6381 FIXE Search: UI CSV button disabled
6482 FIXE Search: Problem reading signed message
6627 FIXE Duplicate emails created on filing
7128 FIXE Unable to exceed 50 drop folders
7149 FIXE Documentation error: 'My initials'
4554 INVA Error report - Shell Extension
4825 INVA Search: Exception as date slider is moved
4837 INVA Personal.mmcollection clashes with local personal locations
6138 INVA Missing ribbon item: File All Messages in Folder
6628 INVA Search: Sent time differing for the same email
6859 INVA Search: Indexing is unbelievably slow
7076 INVA Truncate subject not working
6551 DUPL Duplicate emails since using Exchange 2010