Mail Manager NCR 5.2.25

FIXE = Fixed in this release
INVA = Invalid, by design, caused by other factors, etc.
DUPL = Duplicate of another fault
WONT = Issue addressed by other developments

4856 FIXE Add location not working on intial dialog
4852 FIXE Sort not working on filtered list
3624 FIXE MmSearch: time shown for an email one hour out
5001 FIXE MMAdminPreferences tool: Untitled.cfg
344 FIXE Cannot file message with digital signature
4874 FIXE MMOffline handle count increases every 15 seconds
4280 FIXE MmSearch: Applying comments in batch problems
5002 FIXE MMAdminPreferences tool: Defaults
5101 FIXE Export locations: COM Exception
5285 FIXE MM console: "Help -> Manage Keys" should not be visible in Arup build
5249 FIXE Failed to file the email if filename is invalid
5226 FIXE 2010 Explorer Ribbon: "Help -> Manage Keys" should not be visible in Arup build
5037 FIXE MmSearch: Out of memory exception
5045 FIXE Duplicates on adding network locations
5015 FIXE MmSearch: Continual reindexing of some locations
5110 FIXE MmSearch: Normal attachments are treated as embedded
5026 FIXE Finish button should be displayed as Next
4947 FIXE Send a link containing %
4881 FIXE Attachment locations showing up after row delete and sort
4909 FIXE Filing dialog: problem with Alt-S reference
4907 FIXE Problem in exploring parent folder - Network path
4988 FIXE Adding locations to the Collections Editor takes a long time.
4985 FIXE Issues editing descriptions using the Arrows
4882 FIXE Should not consider attachment type locations while checking duplicates.
4877 FIXE Error on opening a collection file with attachment type location
4920 FIXE MMOffline Crash - CFrameWnd::InitialUpdateFrame
4932 FIXE Replace on filtered list reflecting on the entire list
4873 FIXE Collection files showing attachment type locations
5009 FIXE Diagnostics: View reports - MailManager.dll.logs missing
5365 FIXE Preferences: Change "My Initials" to "My initials"
2188 INVA CMMButton::Invoke > A COM error occured: Unknown error 0xB5970005
1556 INVA Mail Manager: (External Version) Installs but fails to run
2897 INVA Batch Filing failing with PST files
3493 INVA Mail Manager error message on startup
4369 INVA Strip mail manager subject info misses spaces
4555 INVA MmSearch: previewing an item causes exception
3692 INVA Search: crashing during indexing
4622 INVA "Send and File" fails sometimes
4249 INVA MMOffline: encountered a problem
3885 INVA MmSearch Calendar
5132 INVA AdminUpdateDateTime updating incorrectly
5214 INVA Could not store information necessary to file this email
4892 INVA Search - Unable to preview body text
586 INVA MM causes a popup to open saying AutoCAD 2007 needs to be configured
492 INVA Unable to display toolbar in message error.
2980 WONT Batch Filing of emails from public folders giving error
2344 DUPL CMMButton::Invoke > A COM error occured: Unknown error 0xED570005
4279 DUPL MmSearch: Applying comments in batch problems
3665 DUPL Filing from public folders: only 250 items at a time
3663 DUPL Batch filing from Public folders
5139 DUPL Search showing Embedded attachments