Mail Manager NCR 5.1.37

FIXE = Fixed in this release
INVA = Invalid, by design, caused by other factors, etc.
DUPL = Duplicate of another fault
WONT = Issue addressed by other developments

1990 FIXE Filing dialog Right-click explore on location is not showing errors
2562 FIXE Mail Manager crashing Outlook when attachment open
3148 FIXE Error report - Shell Extension
3491 FIXE Not able to file offline a message from a file system folder
3647 FIXE Error message when the message is not available.
3664 FIXE MmSearch: Results list, selection and preview
3817 FIXE MmSearch: Column ordering is slow when emails selected
3839 FIXE MmSearch: Results grouping setting isn't remembered
3841 FIXE Message embedded links: problems with some characters
3844 FIXE MmSearch: searches the wrong folder
3851 FIXE MmSearch: Attachments search has pause associated
3852 FIXE MmSearch: Size search has pause associated
3853 FIXE Activity tab in MM console not displaying unicode chars correctly
3854 FIXE MmSearch: Avoid final query (if possible)
3859 FIXE MmSearch: Locations list double selection
3861 FIXE Font changing in activity tab of MM console on filing an mail with unicode characters
3865 FIXE MmSearch: Double click in locations dialog leaves "quick" location select showing
3868 FIXE MmSearch: Unable to search on SenderEmailAddress
3934 FIXE MmSearch: Sorting when grouping is enabled is very slow
3935 FIXE MmSearch: "Rank: n Star" text is wrong where n > 1
3939 FIXE AdminEmailFiling.cfg not updated on a Vista PC
3972 FIXE Links to Outlook folders not working in notification mails
3979 FIXE Version checking dialog title to be updated
3993 FIXE MmSearch: The static label "Between:" is always disabled (greyed)
4022 FIXE MmSearch: vertical scroll performance
4066 FIXE MmSearch: Preview pane settings not being remembered
4067 FIXE Options pane settings not being remembered
4108 FIXE Third party licence agreements
4154 FIXE MmSearch: Error in adding comment
4254 FIXE MmSearch: Duplicate entries being shown in results
4274 FIXE Search: Ignore embedded attachment filenames
4333 FIXE Problem in deleting location from the Filing dialog
4341 FIXE MMSearch: Location list, pressing return changes selection
4376 FIXE Search: Wrong tooltip being displayed
4380 FIXE MMSearch - Treat attachment searches as filename searches
4386 FIXE Recursive filing to "Sent Items" folder
4388 FIXE Error messages from Ribbon after license expiry
4438 FIXE Send a link error message
4451 FIXE MmSearch: Resizing the "Options" pane clears "Options" data
4472 FIXE Documentation for searchable fields incorrect
4536 FIXE Duplicate filing locations that contained the “%” character error
4552 FIXE Adding a drive letter as a filing location causes problems
4612 FIXE MMSearch: Results list, pressing return changes selection
4614 FIXE If outlook is not running, using shell explorer "Add filing location" crashes
4668 FIXE MmSearch: Colours used in error dialogs
4751 FIXE Attachments filing is adding the same location again and again
294 INVA Adding links modifies format to plain text
1864 INVA Error: Unable to load type library\dll
2423 INVA CMailItem::Delete() (Unknown error 0xC4104005)
2648 INVA CMMOfflineDlg::OnInitDialog() -> Invalid pointer ...
3073 INVA After Canceling Spell Checker Filing Dialog Pops up in Office 2007
3127 INVA Error message on pst file followed by Outlook hangs on opening
3270 INVA Error message while running under Vista x64
3375 INVA Error: OasysMapi::CPostOffice::buildUsersName
3582 INVA Outlook 2007: Links don't work to public folders
3835 INVA MmSearch: Position restores incorrectly when "maximise" was set
3860 INVA MmSearch: Locations list, no results
4471 INVA search documentation problems
4475 INVA BB: BlackBerry Locations Error
1698 WONT Filing dialog - Project Number Sorting
3391 WONT Deployment error with Vista
3845 WONT MmSearch: Copy not working with rich text format
1823 DUPL Messages with a very long subject line not being filed.
2307 DUPL MMOffline initialization fails at startup.
2452 DUPL Message body removed!
2454 DUPL Filing a sent message to the Sent Items folder causes Outlook to hang
2565 DUPL Unspecified error - when delete message after filing option selected
3051 DUPL Unable to read the saved email
3145 DUPL Outlook crashes when filing email from Search Folder
3218 DUPL Name of removed attachments not being saved in the filed message
3356 DUPL Unable to mark original message subject as filed
3843 DUPL MmSearch: Show in groups
3849 DUPL MmSearch: searches the wrong folder
3892 DUPL Comment field doesn't accept new line using the return key
4074 DUPL Search crashing when Ranking column is hidden
4101 DUPL Filing the same email over and over again
4145 DUPL Messages being filed automatically!
4216 DUPL MMOffline: Runtime error!
4278 DUPL Sent Emails: Subject not being changed
4490 DUPL User Preferences not being updated
2122 WORK Attachments are lost when using Send To