Mail Manager NCR 5.1.171

FIXE = Fixed in this release
INVA = Invalid, by design, caused by other factors, etc.
DUPL = Duplicate of another fault
WONT = Issue addressed by other developments

4766 FIXE MmSearch: Incorrect indexing status text
3773 FIXE MmSearch: Renamed/deleted directories aren't removed from index
5529 FIXE Exception in search when run in Italy
5490 FIXE Prerequisites - Documentation .NET Framework versions
5537 FIXE Invalid mobile service message type (-1).
5462 FIXE MmSearch: Maintain horizontal scroll position on column sort
5652 FIXE MmSearch: Unable to open folder when it contains a full stop
4982 FIXE Sent date and time out by a second (filename)
3199 INVA Mail Manager crashes
4224 INVA Mail Manager Mobile Error
5215 INVA Collections Editor - Error opening a collection file
5276 INVA Attachments saved with 0 bytes
5728 INVA Error: Messages saved as ".msg"
3444 DUPL Creating new emails crash Outlook
3504 DUPL Send Mail Manager Link error:
3294 DUPL "Send MM link": Error message is misleading
4981 DUPL Error Moving File or Folder
4513 WORK Error closing Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 64-Bit machines