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Mail Manager and Office 365 - Working together

Cloud based email solutions are something everyone from small businesses to large enterprises are considering these days and with good reason. There are a number of benefits around accessibility, securitym resourcing, storage, scalability etc., so it makes an increasing amount of sense in a lot of cases. 

Microsoft Office 365 is already forming an important part of the future for small/medium and large enterprises as the benefits of cloud based solutions are realised and businesses have the confidence to move forward with their implementation.

Mail Manager and Office 365 are not only compatible but Mail Manager has the capability to improve Microsoft's latest package offering with its intuitive filing systems and advanced searching.


Collaboration with Mail Manager. File to your Sharepoint site or OneDrive - allowing you to take full advantage of this shared environment from your browser or on premise instance of Outlook.

Wider Collaboration

Mail Manager supports Dropbox, Box, Amazon cloud drive, Symantec's enterprise vault and Projectwise - just in case you need more flexibility when filing and searching for your communication.

Online* or Desktop

Mail Manager will sit within your browser based version of Outlook as well as the traditional layout on your desktop. Mix your office environment as you see fit and still harness the power of Mail Manager whichever way you choose to work.

Work with Office 365 Groups

Outlook 2016 with Exchange Online gives you the chance to work with Groups, a neat way of reaching a community of users internally without the need to create a distribution list. Add users to a group for a particular topic area and post relevant emails there. Mail Manager works with your group communication and provides you an effective way of filing and searching the content of the group, making the content discoverable by others outside the group and organisation if required.


Bring the power of Mail Manager's search capability to Office 365. Mail Manager's superb search is maintained in Office 365 so you can migrate from regular Outlook to Office 365 safe in the knowledge that you won't lose any of the great facilities you have in Mail Manager. 

Online* or on premise - you choose - you will be able to maintain Mail Manager's search functionality wherever you are.

 Instantly search across all shared mailboxes

 Easily find emails sent and received between different recipients or companies

 Find emails sent within specific date ranges e.g. 10th May to 20th June 2015

Social Map

Take our innovative social mapping tool with you. Social Map allows you to interrogate conversations, see who is the main contributor, understand more about communication chains and summarise vast amounts of data to visually friendly maps and trees.