Webinar: Simple email management to protect, enhance & accelerate office communications

With billions of emails sent and received each day, email overload is an increasing problem of our working day. Some experts estimate that workers spend around 14.5 hours a week dealing with emails that equates to almost three hours every work day. Employees face daunting tasks such as finding that vital attachment you need months, if not years after it was sent. Or is your IT Manager struggling to keep up with storage demands? With emails often locked away in individiual inboxes and workers spending hours searching for those all-important emails; surely there is another way...

Webinar hosts

Rhys lewis senior consultant at Oasys

Why should I attend?

Join Rhys Lewis and Alec Milton as they unmasks how you can stop wasting so much of your time managing emails, they will discuss with you:

  • How you can benefit from structured filing 
  • Find out more about the email and data storage challenges that are facing firms of all sizes
  • Learn how the same companies are working to overcome these issues
  • Avoid the risk of being fined by handling personal and company data correctly
  • How to performing blisteringly fast email searches allowing you to find vital emails and attachments within seconds
  • Save and manage emails easier than you ever imagined

The next webinar is... Wednesday 20th July - 12:30PM GMT


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