Newsletter: November 2013

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Training to give your company the advantage

Oasys provides training for most of our software packages, either in-house or at a number of training suites around the UK. All our courses are competitively priced, and our feedback to date has been outstanding, with engineers and managers alike giving us four to five out of five on training and presentation.

Steve Hadley, Director of Central Piling, recently stated: “I can thoroughly recommend Oasys’ training. The material, content and pace were just right and the trainer was clear, friendly and extremely knowledgeable; good value for money”

All of our trainers are engineers who have practical knowledge in their respective fields and training is tailored to the company’s design needs. Theory, as well as hands-on training, is provided.

Find out right now how our training can improve your ability to design and solve complex problems, as well as how to get the best from your software and staff. Email for more information.