Newsletter: November 2013

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Pozzoni LLP is an award winning, innovative and forward thinking architectural practice with offices in Manchester and London. The single day that it took to introduce Mail Manager for 70+ architects and technical support staff was, by common consent, a game changer for all concerned. Comments at the end of the training session included  “This is going to change my life”, “It’s magic!” and  “At Last.”

For this busy, fast-growing firm, Mail Manager has reduced paperwork, simplified filing and collaboration, and decimated the time taken to find information.

Mail Manager was chosen because it provided a secure and scalable platform for email management as the company grows, with no risk of lock in – or out!   A particular benefit, from the senior management’s point of view, is that Mail Manager’s logical and reliable approach to filing and searching gave them the confidence to do away completely with hard copy archiving. Retaining all materials for 12 years is the firm’s quality assurance (QA) policy and now, having backloaded some 61,000 emails onto system folders using Mail Manager, they can rely entirely on electronic storage and back up.

Mail Manager was identified as the right solution for Pozzoni by IT manager Mark Stodgell. When approaching the challenge of managing the increasing email burden on his colleagues, his starting point was that he wanted the maintain control of Pozzini information within Pozzoni. Cloud based and proprietary formats were therefore discounted from day 1. His candidate list was further  honed  down when he decided to dismiss as uneconomical email management systems that were basically only the mail modules of ERP systems. 

What was left was Oasys Mail Manager – which had the added advantage of being a comparatively low cost solution.