Newsletter: November 2013

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Emirates Pearl Hotel & Bab El Qasr Development Project is currently the deepest dig in Abu Dhabi and a very specialised project due to the excavation’s depth and close proximity of the sea and nearby buildings. The Emirates Pearl Tower itself is now recognised for its iconic design, having won the 2012 NCSEA Annual Excellence in Structural Engineering Award (Category – International Structures over $100M).

NSCC, the enabling works contractor, carried out the design and construction of the temporary shoring system and the piling works for the Emirates Pearl Tower and Bab El Qasr Hotel. Oasys Frew was used for the shoring design and Oasys Alp was used to determine the reaction of the piles to combined lateral and axial loading. Site testing was carried out due to the sensitivity of ground conditions and prop forces showed a close correlation to the prop forces obtained from the Oasys Frew analysis.

For more details outlining how the analysis was carried out for this landmark project with significant geotechnical constraints, and details showing the close relationship between site readings and analysis outputs, please go to our case study link: