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MassMotion version 5.5

The art of simulating how people move and interact with each other and the built environment is still a very new science – this also means it is a very exciting and fast moving area for development. We have recently released MassMotion v5.5 which sees some significant advances in capability and technology in this area, namely:

          • Priority flows
          • Bi-directional paths
          • Wait until time action

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Mail Manager version 5.5

Mail Manager continues to lead from the front in the field of email management.  A new release of the software has recently hit the market, providing us all with some great changes that will just make life easier when filing and searching for those emails.

          • Revised Ribbon
          • Quick file menu
          • Right click filing option
          • Improvements to the performance of our Search engine.

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Alp version 19.2

Alp has now become the first of our geotechnical products to have our new section generator embedded into it.  This means cross section calculations can be done from within the software now using the tried and tested adsec engine. Also, a new level based approach for geometry input has been implemented to improve the user experience and the ease of data input.

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