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Mail Manager & EADS Group

The increasing use of email to communicate and transfer documents as attachments could lead to project hold ups if critical information is held captive within an individual’s Outlook In Box. Mail Manager by-passes this risk by prompting employees always to file email in shared folders, offering secure access to all relevant personnel.

EADS Group is an engineering, architectural and design firm with over 200 staff at seven offices in the north eastern United States that could see just such a problem on the horizon. It was then that they were introduced to Oasys Mail Manager and, so closely did its specification address their emerging concerns about email lock up, that they now use it throughout their business.

EADS Director Craig Weaver said: “Introducing Mail Manager has been simple and seamless operation for us because it has not involved any fundamental changes in our IT strategy or the way we work as individuals.  For firms like ours, the value of information that is now held in email is incalculable. Mail Manager has provided us with a simple and remarkably cost-effective way of securing and sharing that information.”

“I don’t want you to sell your product to our competition! But, seriously, any engineering or architectural consulting firm would benefit from Mail Manager if they don’t already have something like it.”