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Adris Supports Mail Manager


Leading Autodesk consultant and supplier Adris Computing Concepts has added Oasys Mail Manager to its range of services, in response to growing customer demand.

The Southampton–based firm has found that Oasys Ltd’s email management tool, Mail Manager, is increasingly being asked for by name. “Mail Manager has earned a name for itself as the  email management solution of choice in the AEC sector, as we all struggle to manage growing volumes of email" said Adris Managing Director Steve Houlder. “Formally adding it to our portfolio was a natural progression for us as we grow our offering  of fully- comprehensive solutions.”

Oasys Mail Manager is an Outlook add-on that files emails and the associated attachments in shared system folders. This means that all email related to a job or project, no matter who it is sent from or to, can be held in one folder, from where it can easily be retrieved and ensuring that all materials are backed up.  Folder hierarchies are determined by the user, and can match their established naming protocols and work practices, making implementation virtually seamless. Mail manager can save hours of time that is otherwise wasted searching for email messages.

Developed for multi-disciplinary project teams, Mail Manager is a proven tool for streamlining collaborative working. It is inexpensive and, because it is an add-on to standard Outlook, it is quick and easy to install.

Oasys Ltd Commercial Manager Nigel Rees said: “With more firms realising the critical role of email management, it is good to know that Mail Manager is now being asked for by name in the AEC and Manufacturing sectors. It is a superb solution, the result of years of research and development, and it represents amazing value for money. We continue to invest in its continual improvement, making Mail Manager a safe and future-proof investment for any business.”