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Mail Manager & Associated Architects

Associated Architects has found the perfect solution to a looming email management dilemma, and one that fits in seamlessly with the firm’s established working practices and filing protocols. Oasys Software’s Mail Manager, an Outlook add on, is now used by all 56 of the practice’s staff and the practice is confident that they have found a future-proof solution.

Over the past decade email has become the de facto means of communication in architectural practices and managing increasing volumes  has become the elephant in the room that IT managers can no longer ignore. However, the barriers to change can be significant: document management systems are both expensive and they involve big changes in working practices. There is, of course,  never a right time to divert staff away for their core work to learn a whole new way of working.

Having worked out that the  firm’s server was close to holding a million emails generated by 56 staff, Associated Architects’ Simon Jesson joined the online Twitter debates on the topic. He was delighted to be contacted by return by a man with the right solution for his practice – Oasys Software’s Mail Manager.

It was evident how easily Mail Manager would fit in with the way the practice was already working towards managing the challenges of high-volume email. The management team had previously utilised the use of Outlook public folders but had not succeeded in persuading all of the staff to adopt consistent conventions in email subject lines. An alternative format was sought, to reduce the storage capacity of the public folders exchange, however, this was not successful, no matter how well staff disciplined themselves with identifying content in subject lines, search and retrieval was still time consuming, and would only get more so as the volume of stored email continued to grow or was filed to incorrect locations There were also concerns over Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to supporting public folders.

When [Rhys Lewis of] Oasys Software told him about Mail Manager, all of his concerns were addressed at a stroke. Mail Manager is a simple Outlook add-on that manages email filing onto shared folders on a business’ central server, ideal for easy back up. Its many features also allow for remote working and filing to the central folders.  Most important for Associated Architects was the ability to remove the legacy structure for filing information in a folder based solution, to a single email folder for each project and in doing so realised a quantum leap in search speed and functionality, and reduced duplication of information.

Oasys is part of the Arup Group, so there are no concerns about long-term commitment and support for Mail Manager. It has proved to be an inexpensive solution and one that was remarkably easy to implement. “We worked out that the licence cost per seat worked out at no more than an hour’s work per person,” said Simon Jesson. “That means that Mail Manager can pay for itself within a few days with the time it saves on search and retrieval alone.”

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