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Crowd Dynamics International to use Oasys MassMotion

Crowd Dynamics International, the specialist consultancy with a vision of improving safety and efficiency at every major event on the globe, has started to use Oasys’  MassMotion software. This advanced pedestrian simulation tool was chosen to complement the modelling tools Crowd Dynamics already develops and uses  to advise on the safe and efficient movement of people in complex environments, and at major religious and sporting gatherings.

Crowd Dynamics’ Associate Director Paul Townsend, whose responsibilities include software development, is especially interested in crowd movements, normal and emergency behaviours, and the interaction between pedestrians and traffic said: “We always want to use the most up to date tools available and, when we looked at the third party crowd modelling tools currently available, we could see the greatest synergy between our work and the direction that Oasys’ development of MassMotion is taking.

“Adding MassMotion’s 3D functionality to our toolbox is increasingly important to us in meeting user expectations. Highly visual output helps us to communicate complex problems and their solutions to the wide range of interrelated disciplines and parties involved in projects, this is critical to our success”

About Mass Motion
MassMotion is winning increasing recognition as the most advanced pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis tool available available. It enables simulations of tens of thousands of individual agents within a complex 3D environment in real time. Outside of real time simulation MassMotion is capable of dealing with over a million agents. This delivers massive savings in time, money and manpower during the planning phase of projects of all sizes, as well as providing new and unique insights into crowd behaviour and the way in which space can be used.  As the only true 3D crowd simulation tool, MassMotion also provides a more realistic window on a project, as well as increasingly-important BIM compatibility.

64-bit multi-threaded design takes full advantage of multi-core processors and any available RAM, enables modelling of these huge crowds on an ordinary desktop PC.  As changes to geometry are automatically computed, users can easily test, re-design, re-test without the burden of lengthy remodelling or reprocessing cycles.
The latest release of MassMotion has introduced some significant new features that enable engineers to create truly individual virtual people, with ‘personal’ agendas and behaviour patterns, to simulate the real world more closely than ever before. This is especially apparent - and important - in areas such as corners, where traffic flowing in opposite directions conflicts, or where natural priority flows emerge,  when people let others off trains first or approach a narrower channel, for instance.