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Nigel Rees, Commercial Manager, Oasys Limited

 This is the first newsletter we have produced for a little while so it will be no surprise that a lot has happened since the last one. We managed to grow the business in the last financial year again and have also recruited new members of staff to meet the growing demands of our markets and customers.

Our more established products such as Structural and Geotechnical Engineering software and Mail Manager still lead the way in their fields. New releases of these software titles continue to meet our customer demands. We have recently supplied Mail Manager v5.5 to our customer base and it has received very positive feedback, which is all we can ask for!

Since MassMotion's release on the commercial market we have amassed some impressive customers who have been using the software on a wide number of projects from train stations, airports, retail environments and much more - this is still an exciting new development for us and continues to take us down new avenues and into new markets. MassMotion v5.5 has been released and has some great new features - very exciting stuff.

This year is going to be very interesting all round for Oasys, there are a lot of new developments going on behind the scenes and we are gearing up to release some new products to the market, in the engineering sector,  document management sector and possibly some others...

We hope you enjoy the newsletter.